Dark Mocha

In this day and age where almost everything is plastered on social media, the word “Influencer” oftentimes come at a price. Success is sweet, but to live with the world’s bitterness is the true test.

As is the heritage behind the Jordan 1 Dark Mochas, vlogger on the rise Erica Lagasca is no exception to doubters and critics. She has gone through the back burner of negative remarks, only to rise above them every single time. “I’m definitely someone who is passionate to do better whenever a setback comes in my way, and I won’t stop until I achieve what I really want in life.”

Erica is definitely more than what you see in the cyber world and modelling for the collaboration has further strengthened her desire to prove any naysayers wrong. That undaunted spirit and passionate fire are precisely what the project is all about. She doesn’t adjust to anyone but herself. She dresses according to the mood, not the weather.

As Kings of the Court PH's lifestyle arm, they look to empower the queen in Erica with elegance and prestige. Wearing those tees, Lagasca is a picture of beauty and swag, yet one with strength and courage. The sweet amidst all bitterness, like her favorite Dark Mochas.

Sumptuous. gives her the voice to quell the negativity and be the best version of herself. “I want to be known for me being me, despite of the unnecessary comments I get from other people. After all, unsolicited opinions don’t pay bills.”

Written by: Javi Palaña & Cholo Legisma, 05/24/2021