KOTC Clothing is a lifestyle apparel brand and a byproduct of the premier recreational basketball league, Kings of the Court PH.

Armed with an already elegant and prestigious brand since 2014, KOTC set foot into the street subculture to transcend its stories of empowerment to local communities - through court paintings and refurbishment.

"Empowerment through elegance and prestige. To make sports dreams come to life. To be Kings of the Court."

Proceeds from each purchase allows this dream to come to reality. KOTC believes that in every stroke of color in its apparel, translates to a brush of hope in Philippine hoop sanctuaries.

KOTC carries an extinguishable torch of empowerment, because it believes in the life-teaching power of sports.

We promise to bring the best stories in every design. In every person who bears our pieces.

Each piece of apparel is carefully handcrafted using only the best quality materials - cut and sewn into a premium piece that best suits your sports & lifestyle needs.