Players Only is the first members-only basketball runs organized by Kings of the Court and Gameville Ball Park. It is a community that brings people together through the game – young or old, men or women, amateurs to elites. Players Only promotes passion for hoops while fostering inclusivity and friendship among members.

Sign up through this link: 


  1. PHP 4,000.00 per member, inclusive of the following:
  2. 10 sessions/credits (No expiry)
  3. Priority sign-ups
  4. One (1) Reversible Players Only Top
  5. FREE use of Gameville Ball Park basketball facility for individual shooting (Subject to court availability; Schedule inquiries are to be directed to Gameville Ball Park)
  6. 10% Players Only discount at the KOTC Flagship store
  7. Players Only rewards program
  8. Exclusive access to other Players Only merchandise
  9. Sign-up through the link:
  10. Membership is non-transferrable


  1. Guest players without credits - PHP 375.00 per game. This needs to be paid directly via Bank Transfer, GCash, or Maya one (1) day before the schedule session.
  2. Failure to settle before the said deadline will be subject to replacement by a member or another guest player.
  3. A guest players who pays, but backs out:
    • At least two (2) days, will have his/her payment refunded less a penalty of PHP 100.00
    • On the same day / no show, will have his/her payment forfeited
  4. A guest player who does not pay but shows up will not be allowed to play.
    • Gameville Ball Park reserves the right to disallow entry of players who are not listed in the session.
  5. Repeated back-outs and/or no show will be subject to being banned from the community.


  1. Schedules are to be announced through our FB Group: Players Only 🤫
  2. Sign-ups shall be done through our official FB Group Chat:
    • Direct group message from our Community Managers
    • Google sheets
  3. A member who signs up, but backs out:
    • At least two (2) days, will not have his/her credits deducted
    • On the same day/no show, have his/her credits deducted
  4. Should the schedule be full and a member signs up:
    • At least two (2) days, guest players who are listed at the bottom of the list (e.g. 21-25), will be transferred to the WAITLIST.
    • On the same day, guest players who are not paid will be replaced. If all guest players are paid on the same day, they will no longer be replaced.


  1. 12 minutes per game or Race to 25, whichever comes first.
  2. 2-3 scoring.
  3. No referees. Call your own fouls #RespectTheCall
  4. Inbounding the ball must be done properly after made baskets and dead ball situations. No cheating the break.
  5. Approx. 2-3 games per team. (guaranteed 3 games if arrive first and played the first game.)
  6. No one is allowed to play 3 straight games; A player must sit down after 2 straight games.
  7. Be competitive, but respectful towards one another. Have fun, make friends, and make the community a safe environment #PlayersOnly


  1. Please keep the culture of competition alive. Respect the game. Swing the ball, get down on defense, be a team player, and no showing of attitude.
  2. Community Managers will prioritize the first players who come in. After which, they will try to balance the grouping of teams. Requests to have an own five/team must be communicated to our Community Manager.
  3. Trash-talking, Showboating, and Celebrations are all allowed, but showing of attitude, and/or causing any verbal or physical altercation that may damage the reputation of our community will not be tolerated.
  4. Please take care of your belongings for we are not responsible for any valuables lost during the session.
  5. Players Only is not liable/responsible for any injury or illness that may occur during the games. As a voluntary participant of this community, any medical costs that may incur due to injury or illness will be shouldered by themselves for any untoward incident that may happen.