Reppin’ the Streets Worldwide

 You may leave the streets, but the streets never leave you.

Glenn Damole was shaped by the streets of Bulacan. His entire being as a person was molded by his experiences on the basketball court.

Real hoopers know; every slight elbow, small nudges to the back, and even the angles of your footwork can make the difference. Glenn learned this the hard way as he played street ball with the locals of Bulacan as a kid. Because of this, he was forced to learn that the details in everything that you do matter. Being a hardcore Kobe fan and an advocate of Mamba Mentality certainly helped along the way. Safe to say, he’s applied those learnings and the values of the Black Mamba in everything that he does as a successful professional in the Financial Industry.

He’s also brought over those same principles to his style out of the office. For Glenn, streetwear isn’t just about the sneakers. How he styles the rest of his outfit, matters just as much. “Hindi siya yung basta-basta clothing lang,” said Glenn. “You check the drape, you check how the sleeve falls, you check how long it is, you check if it’s better oversized, if it’s better with a small logo.”

But more than sheer style, for Glenn, streetwear is about telling a story. That’s why he banked on Kings of the Court and came onboard. The brand creates stories of empowerment to people who bear its pieces, because of the communities they want to help through court painting.

In his case, it’s a story of a background shaped by details. For others, it could be their struggles of getting out of generational poverty in the streets. That’s what he hopes to do with Kings of the Court.

“Streetwear that’s focused on basketball, is to raise awareness that, out of this chaos, it’s a dogfight, but in reality, there’s a rich history behind it.”

Just like Glenn and the message of behind his shirt. Even as he’s flown to Vietnam to make his mark in the Financial Industry, Glenn Damole hasn’t forgotten his roots. His homecourt is everywhere and he never goes out of bounds. City to city, he proves his love and passion for the game is something he cannot live without.

 He may have transitioned from playing in flip-flops to copping grail pairs such as the Jordan 1 Off White’s, but the genuine love for the game and its culture remains the same. He isn’t taking any of this for granted. So much so, that he’s been using those Off White’s as his beaters.

“I beat pairs up, badly,” chuckled Glenn. Why so? It’s a result of his rich story that started in the streets of Bulacan.

No hype. All substance. Pure heart.


Written by: Karlo Lovenia, 06/13/2021