Stylish Simplicity

Fashion and basketball is a union that makes sense. Nowadays, tunnel walks have transcended into a metaphorical red carpet to the style-obsessed. Basketball is a business, and looking good is part of the game.

From the pros, to the college ranks, to the boys level, athletes are now taking their off-court style seriously.

High school basketball sensation and newest Ateneo Blue Eagle, Forthsky Padrigao is one to speak. His approach to style is simplicty, yet it brings out some real heat.

“I describe my style as simple. I like to keep things simple when it comes to my outfit, but at the same time I want to achieve the stylish look". Ironic as it may seem, if you know the floor general’s game, it is actually possible - to marry the simple and the stylish. While Padrigao is a picture of pizzaz and flare on the court (much like the blaze he set with his Nike Dunk Low Medium Curry), his style and demeanor off the court speaks truth of the unison. He chooses simple pieces that brings out the king in him.

Through his favorite sneaker, the ROTY Jordan 1, the Gilas Youth standout aims to stand out just like MJ stood head and shoulders above the competition back in that fateful year of 1985. Forth wants to be known as "the guy who has swag or confidence in himself” because at the end of the day, he is someone who knows his worth.

The Sumptuous. | Kings of the Court PH collaboration is a project where Forth was able to express himself. He resonates with the vision of building confidence and being the best version of one's self. He has the passion to express self-worth and as he sports the 4 trademark shirts, empowerment did come to life. It’s no question why he fits so well into the brand’s pieces, because they are very much just like himself.

Simple yet stylish.


Written by: Javi Palaña & Cholo Legisma, 05/21/2021