Collection: KOTC Artist Series x Brian Ancheta Designs x MNL Kingpin

Basketball season is jersey season. Our next collaboration is one that is close to home, KOTC Clothing's very own Brian Ancheta. The man behind most of our mesh shorts, Bri is @kingsofthecourtph's Multimedia Specialist & Creatives Lead who is well-known for his ability to create sleek and clean designs that are perfect for basketball uniforms.

“What sets Bri apart from other designers is his clean and straight-forward design style. He knows how to blend the perfect combination of colors and patterns to create a uniform that not only looks great but also represents the team's identity. Bri’s designs are timeless, and his attention to detail is unmatched. His work is a testament to his passion for design and his commitment to delivering the best possible product to his clients” (via Chasedown PH)

Co-collaborator is MNL Kingpin. Premium quality sports lifestyle products. Built for basketball. Includes free waterproof stickers.

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